Это русский – Can you read it?

Things are often easier than you might think.

If not, you easily could! Starting to learn a language is not as hard as most people think, given the right approach. It can be very rewarding too; since you will begin with no knowledge, progress is fast and exciting.

Recently, I began learning Russian and, within two weeks, knew 500 words. I think that the approach taken is key to making progress. Classically, we imagine learning various tense and case endings, allowing us to simply learn vocabulary and so to competently use the language. However, I think that a better way is to learn phrases. You will have heard testimony to the fact that one can pick up a language simply by being in a country – the natural way of doing it. Avoiding deliberate study of endings tables and so allowing you to actively pick up the details yourself, it is much more engaging, leading to more effective memorisation. This technique is replicated online by duolingo, from which I have been learning. It is amazing how effectively you can pick up complicated endings just through noticing them, and impressive how quickly progress can be made. After all, duolingo suggests that you can learn using just 10 minutes per day – a similar idea to my post about spare time.

Think what adventures you could create with a new language. Then, if you feel motivated to do so, start learning one and reap the rewards. However far you take it, I doubt that you will regret doing so.