Attitude makes the difference

Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.

In order to allow yourself the widest possible choice in your activities, and so give yourself a better chance of finding something rewarding, you must surely discard any pre-defined ideas about what is ‘fun’, or what you ‘should’ be doing. ¬†What makes someone adventurous is the ability to overcome these barriers, leading to an open mind and allowing the creativity to produce ideas.

For anything which you have decided you don’t like or isn’t interesting, there is a different way of thinking about it. This opposite perspective can turn what you might see as an ordeal into an adventure. Last year, I ran 30 km after not having been on a run for over 2 months. Why? Because I felt like an adventure and decided it would be fun. Although running for 3 hours is very tiring, it was satisfying to cover such a distance, and rewarding to find that my instinct was correct- I could run that far. What would be seen by many as an ordeal had been a great afternoon for me.

So, let go your fixed ideas and, when considering whether or not to do something, listen to the people for whom it is an adventure, because they are in the position to show you its true merits.